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Junking A Car - What You Should Know!

junking a car A person whose car has been totaled in an accident should junk the car as soon as possible. No one wants to have a junk car sitting in the driveway. Unfortunately, many people do not realize just how easy it is to junk a car. Junking a car is simple and straightforward for a person who knows what to do. If the car can still be driven, then junking it will be simple and straightforward. All you have to do is drive it to the junkyard and sell it off. The junkyard will be happy to buy your car off of you for whatever they think it is worth. All you need to do is bring the car and show the title deed proving you are the car's owner. You will get a bit of money through junking your old car at a junkyard; however, you should not expect too much unless the car is a newer model and has low mileage.

junking a car

Unfortunately, a junk car is often not roadworthy, making it difficult for the car's owner to drive the car to a junk yard. The good news is that some towing companies are willing to come and tow the car to the junk yard at no cost. You do not get any money out of the junk car, but neither do you have to pay to have the car removed from your property. This is often the only course of action for a person if the car cannot be driven.

It is not hard to find towing companies that will help you get rid of a junk car. One can find both local and national companies of this nature by looking through the Yellow Pages or doing an internet search. However, it is often best to work with national companies, as these companies are larger and have more flexible schedules for coming to pick up the car. National companies will also have more tow trucks at its disposal and will be able to handle most any type of vehicle, no matter what make, model or year it is or how badly it has been banged up. After calling a towing company, one can expect the car to be taken within a day or two.

Junk cars can also be donated to charity. Donating a junk car to charity is often the simplest way to get rid of it. A charity will often not require a title and will come and pick the car up right away. A charitable organization that is registered with the IRS will also give the person donating a car a tax-deductible receipt. As many charitable organizations are struggling due to the economic recession, donating a car to charity is a good way to help others that are in need. There are dozens of charities that accept junk vehicles; all a person has to do in most cases is call the charity or fill out a form online.

Junking a Car Made Easy:

A person can also sell a junk car. This is not the same as driving it to the junk yard and getting a small sum of money for it. A person who sells his or her junk car and can often get a decent sum of money for it. A person selling a junk car will need to start by obtaining a salvage title. The requirements for obtaining this title vary from state to state. In most cases, the car would have to be declared a wreck by both the highway patrol and the car’s insurance agency.

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Junking A Car

A person that wants to sell a junk car can put it up for sale on Craigslist or in the local newspaper classifieds. There are also some sites on the internet that are dedicated to selling wrecked cars; these sites will allow one to post a car for sale free of charge. One can also offer the car for sale to mechanics in the area. Many mechanics buy junk cars, repair them and then resell them at a profit. Others will take the car apart and sell the pieces individually. In many cases, a person would get more for the car by selling the car instead of junking it. How much more a person would be able to make depends on the year, make and model of the car and how badly it has been damaged. The car’s mileage is also a determining factor.

Many people wonder if it is worthwhile to fix up a junk car before trying to sell it. In many cases, if the car is roadworthy, then one will get a lot more money for it. If the car can be repaired for a reasonable price, then it may be worthwhile to do so. However, in many cases it will cost a lot to repair a junk vehicle and one will not get that much more money from it. Selling a junk car can be a lot of work and most people do not have the time to deal with this. While it can be more profitable to sell the car than to junk it, junking the car is often the simplest and most straightforward course of action.

In Summary:

It is not at all hard to junk a car. If the car can be driven to the junkyard, then the car’s owner should take it there in person and negotiate regarding the selling price. While a person will not get much money from a junkyard, he or she will get paid for the car. How much a person can expect is hard to say; a lot depends on the condition the car is in and what parts of the car still work. However, even a person whose car is a total wreck can expect at least a small amount of money. If the car cannot be sold for parts, the junkyard will crush it and sell it for scrap metal. Donating the car to charity is another good course of action. One will get a tax receipt in return, along with the knowledge that he or she is helping those in need.

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Junking A Car

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